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Meeting Format

Each HOPE Community Group meets weekly, year round, at a regularly scheduled location, day, and time. Meetings are relaxed while following a consistent, purposeful format.

Sign in – Members arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign in, pay a nominal weekly fee, and socialize while setting up. 

Meeting Opening – The volunteer Group Coordinator opens the meeting. Meetings start reliably at the same time each week. At the start of the meeting there may be a five to ten minute mini-workshop or discussion on a topic of shared interest. 

Check-in – Sitting together in a large circle Members are invited in turn to share a 1-minute update on recent happenings related to their child or children. Members who are struggling with a particular issue are invited to request time during the group meeting to work on an action plan with the support of the group.

Break - Following check-in there is a brief, informal, social and refreshment break.

Small Group Work - After break members move into small groups where volunteer facilitators guide the discussions. It is during this time that parents who have a particular issue of concern are supported by fellow parents as they develop an action plan to manage the issue. 

Meeting Wrap Up - Once the small group work is complete everyone returns to the large circle where Members who have developed an action plan share those plans with the group.

Departure - At the conclusion of the meeting group Members tidy up as needed and depart.

During the Week - Members connect with each other by phone, or occasionally in person, for support as needed.

HOPE Members adhere to a strict code of confidentiality. Member stories, and names, as well as the stories and names associated with Members’ children, are never shared outside of group or group related calls or meetings. 

If a meeting night falls on a statutory holiday, or in the case of extreme weather or other exceptional situation, a meeting might be postponed or cancelled on a particular week. Otherwise meetings are held weekly, year round.   

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