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Is HOPE for you?

Are you facing any of these challenges with your teen or adult child?

  •  withdrawn from family or friends
  •  skipping school or suspended
  •  in trouble with the law
  •  neither working or going to school
  •  abuses alcohol or other substances
  •  verbally abusive
  •  physically abusive or threatening
  •  vandalizes the home
  •  steals money or valuables
  •  not moving forward with life
  •  lies
  •  often comes home late or not at all
  •  concerned about their mental health 

You are not alone if you...

  •  Lie to cover up for your child
  •  Feel frightened about what might happen to your child
  •  Sleep poorly because of concerns you have about your child
  •  Disagree with your spouse or partner about how to handle the situation
  •  Get less done at work because you are distracted by your concerns
  •  Withdraw from family or friends due to stress, to avoid discussing the situation, or due to the unpredictable nature     of life at home

If your child is causing you concern, you have come to the right place.

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