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You Are Not Alone


Parents are often afraid of their children who threaten to harm them physically or verbally. The home is often described as “a war zone” with all family members “walking on egg shells” in fear of angry outbursts from an oppositional youth. Acting out youth may steal money, alcohol, or other valuable items.

You know you need HELP WHEN YOUR CHILD…

  • is skipping school and/or has been suspended
  • has been charged with possession of drugs
  • has been charged with theft, assault or any other charges
  • comes home drunk or stoned on drugs
  • often comes home late or not at all
  • misses appointments or family gatherings
  • often speaks disrespectfully or is verbally abusive
  • frequently tells you that you are not a good parent
  • is very argumentative with you and other authority figures
  • plays the “conquer and divide” game with parents
  • has run away from home for a night, a day, a week or longer
  • has vandalized your home
  • has stolen money or valuables from you or others
  • often misses work and/or has been fired
  • friends seem undesirable to you
  • lies about everything
  • seems very angry, sullen and/or withdrawn


This type of abuse is not well recognized as parents are often embarrassed by their children’s behaviours. Parents may face negative reactions from other family members, neighbours, schools, and even social agencies which they turn for help. Nonetheless, it occurs with alarming frequency, harming all family members.

You are not alone WHEN YOU…

  • lie to cover up for your child’s negative behaviour
  • think his/her behaviour is caused by “rotten breaks” in life or by their friends
  • think his/her behaviour is influenced by their friends
  • often feel hurt by his/her actions and negative attitude
  • feel angry, depressed, anxious, scared and confused most of the time
  • feel you are not getting the assistance and cooperation you need from therapists, counsellors, schools, churches or members of your family
  • feel frightened about what may happen to your child
  • have called the police because your child is physically abusing you or your home
  • disagree with your spouse/partner on how to deal with your child’s behaviour
  • sleep poorly because of anxiety, anger and nervousness over your child’s behaviour
  • feel your work is often disrupted because of having to deal with your child’s behaviour

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