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Notice something’s different?

16 Jun 2015 9:29 AM | Anonymous

HOPE recently refreshed its logo and updated its brochure, website, email, and membership list management systems. 


While maintaining the features of the HOPE logo as originally adopted, graphic designer Michele Tenki refreshed the logo by introducing cleaner lines and adjusting the feature “O” to make it easier to see that it is comprised of people supporting people.  By contemporizing the figures, and eliminating the skirts, the updated logo reflects HOPE’s commitment to openness and inclusivity. As well, the slight curve added to the arms of the figures, and the slightly modified shape of the legs, introduces added movement and energy.


The wording on the new brochure has been streamlined and the language has been updated to reflect HOPE’s updated Mission, Vision, and Values Statements. As well new photo images have been introduced. The new images are more current and reflect the diversity of the HOPE community and the broader community.  


Building on the logo and brochure updates the new web site carries over the refreshed logo and the photo and language updates. As well the website has new content and more content.

As part of the website update HOPE changed web servers. The new server, Wild Apricot, is geared to not-for-profits. The web site will be easier for volunteer web managers to update. Also, HOPE Members will be able to set their own passwords to access the Members’ area, making access simpler.  

Membership Management:

In addition to being a web server, Wild Apricot offers a suite of products that suit the needs of organizations like HOPE. One of the most valuable of these is an excellent contact management and membership management system. It is more secure, will allow members to update their own records, can be set to automatically send renewal reminders, and generally will make it much easier for HOPE’s volunteer registrar and back-up registrar to manage HOPE’s Membership and stakeholder contact lists. 

When the Membership list is uploaded all members will receive notification and an access code. Once you access the Members’ Area you will be able to set your own password. 

Email Messaging:

Wild Apricot also has a user-friendly email messaging system to facilitate sending polished looking email correspondence to Members and stakeholders. It includes a safe unsubscribe option to ensure HOPE is compliant with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. 

We appreciate your feedback:

The web site is now up and running. The other products are undergoing testing to ensure all the links and features are working as planned and will be activated in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted and look forward to your feedback.

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